About me:


  • I am currently working at BUCK Design LLC as a staff Character TD. My main responsibility is rigging characters and props for commercial projects. My other tasks also include studio rigging pipeline development and some modeling work.

  • Resume upon request. My email address is linxiong6744@gmail.com.




My Specialties:


  • Strong rigging set-up and weight skinning ability, experience include but not limited to biped, quadruped, wing, prop, facial, cartoony, realistic character rigging, etc.

  • Solid understanding of object-oriented programming. Experience with good design for big rigging data structure.

  • Fluent in Python, PySide/PyQt, Maya API and Maya widgets command for rigging pipeline development.

  • Cloth and Hair Simulation.

  • Strong modeling skills, comfortable with both organism and hard surface modeling, a good eye for high artistic quality.

  • Deep understanding of topology optimization for both friendly rigging and efficient computing.

  • A generalist experience of CG animation pipeline, including but not limited to concept design, texturing, lighting, compositing, etc.

  • Task-oriented attitudes, good and friendly communication skills, and a fast learner.




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