PSD Manager

Python + PySide + Maya API
1, Create pose reader and connect with corrective
2, Directed sculpt onposed mesh and bake difference
3, Mirror pose space deformer (PSD) from one side to another
4, Pose Management: 
    Easy access to any pose
    Adjust Pose after PSD is created
    Adjust PSD influence range
    Rename PSD
    Filter PSD in the view list
    Delete PSD
5, Copy PSD influence from one mesh to another
6, Restore
correctiveblendshape after target blendshape
is deleted
7, Export and Import PSD set up

Skin Weight Tool

Python + PySide scripting
1, High speed data transfer
2, Export/Import each skin weight in separate file
3, Export/Import skin weights in one single file
4, Works for polygon, nurbs and curves

Control Tool

Python + PySide scripting
1, Create control with many different shapes and colors
2, Edit control shape in an easy workflow
3, Add space switch for control

Set Skin Tool

Python + PySide + Maya APIFeatures:
1, generate chain style joints binding with one click
2, edit joints weights using the soft mod rig
3, align weights along edges according to any type of falloff curves
4, copy, paste skin weights
5, average skin weights
6, pure vertex maximum joints influence under a certain number

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